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Why use an Energy Consultancy?

Energy consultancy ’s and brokers control as much as 70% of the business energy sector, but what do they offer that makes them so important to UK businesses? Well, we can only speak for ourselves, but we like to think that we’re doing something right! We’ve outline some of the key reasons why using Energy […]

Why are energy prices still on the increase?

Following British Gas’ announcement last month to increase their prices by around 5.5% for their customers from June, the majority of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers have since followed suit, with N-Power, EDF and E-on all announcing similar price hikes, coming into effect this month. How can energy suppliers keep justifying price increase after price […]

The Energy Buzz team is proud to announce our new website!

We’ve upgraded – our new site is easier to navigate to where you want to get and is designed to help our customers get the best possible deal on their energy, gas, electric and water contracts. It features new photography of the team in action – letting you see the other side of the company. […]

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