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26th October 2018

Water deregulation – What does this means for your business?

Water deregulation

On the 1st April 2017, the commercial water industry in England became deregulated with the aim of improving customer service, customer satisfaction and saving costs. This comes following the success of the water deregulation in Scotland, which was implemented back in 2008.

By opening the water retail market for non-domestic customers, this allows businesses and charities to shop around and choose their water supplier, rather than being tied down to one certain supplier, within their region. This change has extremely benefited businesses and especially those that have multiple sites, as they no longer need to deal with multiple suppliers and bills. Therefore, this has ultimately saved businesses time and money.

How does this benefit your business?

The deregulation in both Scotland and now England, has encouraged water suppliers to offer better customer service, better packages and cheaper prices. The water market now works similarly to the energy and telecoms markets, enabling business consumers to switch to a better deal and not being restricted to their regional supplier. The economic regulator for the water sector, Ofwat, still monitors and regulates the industry, and for those business customers who decide not to switch water supplier, or negotiate a new deal with their existing supplier, Ofwat have set limits on the prices customers will be allowed to pay, so they are not overcharged.

If your business premises are in Wales, things are slightly different. You’re only currently eligible to switch water suppliers if you consume more than 50 million litres of water a year. Otherwise, you’ll continue to be served by your regional water supplier.

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