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24th November 2019

24 Energy Saving tips for Christmas

Get the brews in- Be a team player!

Boiling the kettle once vs for 5 or 6 members of your team will save you money on your electricity bill. We also discovered that; if you only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need…then you can save around £6 a year. Big savings if you get through tea as much as we do at Energy Buzz.

A tip to our friends in the industrial and manufacturing industry

Check your compressed air system for wasteful leaks. It is not unusual to find up to a 50% leakage in compressed air equipment and being aware of this and reacting to it quickly could make a big difference to your bills.

Save £30 a year on your home energy bill

Don’t rely on standby mode for your household appliances. Did you know that appliances such as laptops and monitors left on standby still use up to 50% of the energy they use when in operation, and appliances continue to draw power even if they’re just plugged in.

If you can save £30 at home just imagine what you can help save in your workplace.

Ensure that equipment purchased for the office has a high energy rating

Replace older types of office equipment, as they can use between 50 and 90% more electricity than energy-efficient models. The same principle can be applied for household items.

Some big savings available to businesses who invest in their equipment.

Get your hands wet

Use a bowl to wash up rather than a running tap and you can save £25 a year in energy bills. Who would have thought that washing up pays?

Use smart heating controls

More than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water.

Installing a room thermostat, a programmer and thermostatic radiator valves and using these controls efficiently could save you around £75 a year.

Do one less wash a week and watch the pennies roll in

The Energy Saving Trust tell us that cutting back on your washing machine use by just one cycle per week and save £5 a year on energy. This is as good as a license to print money. Joking aside, it’s a great way to make savings on your energy bills as well as lowering your water wastage.

Draught proof your doors and windows

You can make savings of around £20 a year from draught proofing doors and windows, some tricks for home are:

Advice- please notify the bill payer before using all the cling film, and always follow “how to guides” online before attempting to seal windows.

Turn down the heat on your thermostat by just one degree

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you turn down the heat on your thermostat by just one degree you can save 10% on your annual heating bill…this saving could really add up. A typical saving of £80 a year for home and this could be in thousands across the industrial/ manufacturing sector and across any UK workplace. Turn that dial down and start saving today!

Spend 1 less min in the shower a day

Spending one minute less in the shower each day will save up to £7 a year off your energy bills, per person. With a water meter this could save a further £12 off annual water and sewerage bills. If everyone in a four-person household did this it would lead to a total saving of £75 a year.

Get the stopwatch at that ready and lets get those shower times cut down.

Be smart meter savvy

Whilst having a smart meter installed won’t save you money- the awareness of how much energy you are using will save you money. No more wasted boils of the kettle or lights left on in rooms.

Government estimates that a display or monitor could typically help reduce a household’s electricity use by 2.8% and gas use by 2%.


I’m sure you have heard it 100 times but changing to LED light bulbs can save you money on your energy bill…a potential saving of £35 according to the Energy Trust. Imagine everything you can do with £35 especially during the Christmas period.

Turn the lights off at home

As children I’m sure we have all been told to “Turn the lights off”, well as adults…turning the lights off could save you as much as £14 a year. The saving here could pay for your Christmas Turkey!

A common MISTAKE when it comes to your heating

If you turn the thermostat up to full it will heat your home quicker? Well it won’t. And it’s going to cost you more money. Not so clever now is it. Think about it this way, you are telling your boiler to reach a high temperature so it will be working flat out to achieve this vs hitting a modest 20 degrees for example. If losing 1 degree can save you 10% on bills, imagine how much you are costing yourself by having the heating on high.

Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

We shared this tip with you last month on social, but this really is something we all do and its costing us money. Imagine how much wastage there is on a family of 4. You can save 6 litres of water per minute

*2190 litres in 2019 per person/ 8760 for a family of 4. More savings and more potential money to go into next Christmas spending pot.

Install thermostatic radiator valves

A lovely tip for those of us sat at home. Installing thermostatic radiator valves and using them with your thermostat could save £75 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust. This is a significant amount of money that could be spent treating the ones you love or even keep it and treat yourself!

Treat your boiler to a new insulation jacket

Don’t forget Christmas isn’t just about friends and family. Getting an insulation jacket for your boiler will keep your water hotter for longer and that will reduce your energy bills. If you already have a hot water tank jacket, check it’s the recommended thickness of 75mm. If not, a new one is easy to fit yourself – the materials will only cost you about £25 and you could save you upwards of £100-£150 a year.

Make a change in the industrial and manufacturing sector

When it comes to large scale production, small changes can have a large impact. Findings from the Carbon Trust show that cutting energy use by 20% can have the same benefit to the bottom line as a 5% increase in sales. These are potentially huge savings for your business.

For some further tips to make more savings, pick up the phone to Energy Buzz. When you switch suppliers through us we also teach you how to cut costs in the workplace via our Social pages.

Tax breaks for businesses

You should always check whether you’re eligible for any tax breaks. Some local governments and utilities companies provide tax incentives or rebates when you buy energy-efficient appliances. You literally have nothing to lose by applying to these schemes.

Turn off the lights at work

It’s estimated that around 15% of a business’ yearly energy bill is spent on lighting, and about half of offices in the UK leave their lights on overnight and at weekends!

Businesses waste £8.66m on powering empty offices each Christmas. That figure should be enough to scare into action the boss of any company. And that’s not to mention our friends in the industrial and manufacturing sector and across all commercial premises. Put up a sign to tell people, its amazing how many people take action when given a gentle reminder.

Fit a water efficient shower head

If you’ve got a shower that takes hot water straight from your boiler or hot water tank (rather than an electric shower), fit a water efficient shower head. This will reduce your hot water usage while retaining the sensation of a powerful shower.

A water efficient shower head could save a four-person household (e.g. a family of four or even a shared student flat) as much as £70 a year on gas for water heating, as well as a further £115 a year on water bills if they have a water meter.

Your business boiler system

Maintaining your heating systems is essential to saving energy. Regular servicing, and replacing old boilers with new, more efficient ones, can make heating your factory far more efficient. Yes it can be a big outlay but it will make you savings in the long run.

Office thermostat wars

I’m sure we all have had issues with too hot or cold in the workplace.

Turn down your general thermostat settings to 21°C, this should be warm enough. You may be used to having your house much warmer than this, so if your thermostat’s set at 24 or 25°C, turn it down by one degree at a time over a few weeks. And just remember: every degree that you turn it down could save you around £80 to £85 a year on your heating bill.

Our final energy saving tip

This one makes sense above all others. It’s simple. If you are a business owner and have read our energy saving tips then the best decision you will make all year is to switch your energy supplier through Energy Buzz. We are committed to lowering the cost of your energy bills. Our customers love us and use us year in year our because for us, we want to work with you for the long term.

If you aren’t a business owner, then give someone a nudge who could benefit from our services.

We have a few more tips for you below:

Switch out your cold lunches and instead have a lovely bowl of soup. This will soon warm you up when its cold.

Grab the quilt and pop it on the sofa. What could be better than having a lazy day watching Christmas films.

Hot drinks as we know are a great way to heat you up. Get a lovely hot chocolate with all the trimmings over this festive period.

On behalf of everyone at Energy we wish you all a Merry Christmas! We hope you found some value in our tips over this festive period.



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